How-To Decorate a Doll Cake

A re-take on a classic cake style

How cute is this Doll Cake?  

It is also called a ”Dolly Varden” style cake, which was HUGE in the 1980′s.

When a beautiful friend invited me to her 3rd birthday party, I was all, ”HELL, TO THE, YEAH!”

… And then preceded to high five myself!
And now, I get to share with you… Life is so sweet!

A ”Dolly Varden” Tin is kind of like a half football shape.

(The R rated description is it looks like the 80′s Madonna outfit).

It is deep, with a small end for it to sit on.  I got the Wiltshire brand, which was $25 from my local cake decorating shop.  (You can also get from Spotlight, House & Home shops, Ebay & online cake decorating shops.)  I am a BIG fan of supporting my little cake decorating shop, though.

Spray the tin with cooking spray, then coat in flour (to make sure the cake comes out easy, peasy!)

Fill 2/3 full with cake batter & bake at 180 C for approx 1 hour + 10 minutes.  After it has baked, let it sit for 5 minutes & then turn out to cool.  Then refridgerate until cold.

TIP – I sat the tin inside another square tin, so it wouldn’t fall over.

Baked cake ready to make sexy!

You will need a Cake Board or plate, doll & knife to carve out a hole in the skirt for the doll to be pushed in to.

Vanilla Butter Cream & Chocolate Mud Cake *drool*

Once you have carved a hole for the doll, crumb coat the cake with Butter Cream (or Ganache.  What ever floats your boat).

Give the girl some snazzy clothes

Cover in fondant.  (I used approx 700 gm Bakels RTR icing, which I colored with blue Wilton Gel.)

TIP – You could go a ‘flat’ or ‘pleated’ look with the skirt at this stage.

The skirt needed some building up, so smoothed some pink fondant, to increase the height of the skirt.  (This is going to be covered in more fondant.)

I now rolled out a thin pink piece of fondant & cut the corsett section, before putting on the cake.  I then trimmed at the back, so it was neat.

Now is the time to decorate & finish to your hearts desire!  Imagination really is the only limit.

As mine was fairy themed, I wanted flowers & edible glitter to be the main features.  I decided I just needed some ruffled edging, to give the ‘girly’ look.

Patience is the key

TIP – To make ruffles, cut out 1cm strips of fondant & let it air dry for 1-2 minutes.  Then using a tooth pick, press down and roll back and forward, many times, over the length of the ruffle.  If you don’t let it air dry, it will be too sticky & tear.

Attached with a small amount of water on a paint brush.

A bit of bling!

I used the Queen edible flowers, which you can get at any supermarket for approx $5.

The edible glitter I am completely in L. O. V. E. with.  It just makes any cake look 10 million times better.

I am pretty sure that is a real statistic.

TIP – use a clean paint brush to put glitter on to the cake.  Edible glitter is available from Cake Decorating Shops for approx $12 and lasts a REALLY long time, as you only use small amounts.

Perfect for any little girls party …

I hope you enjoyed this How-To Tutorial.

If you have any questions or want to offer other tips & hints, please let me know in the comments below!


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